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John Glass, Morristown AutoBody

Morristown Auto Body Owner, John Glass

At a young age, John knew he wanted to help people and liked working with cars, so the towing and automotive industry seemed the perfect match. In 1980, John started Morristown Auto Body with the intention of providing top level repair and towing service to people in Morristown, NJ and surrounding areas.

John is a charter member of the Garden State Towing Association and has held multiple positions as Legislative Chair, Vice-President, and currently President. He has long been involved with and held positions on the board of the national Towing and Recovery Association of America.  He is a past Vice-President and Legislative Chairman and served as an advisor under two different presidents.  His contributions include working on deregulation, development of the early stages of Incident Management, municipal and state police towing models, the development of the National Driver Certification Program, the road patrol model for the private sector, and the New York and Philadelphia Tow Licenses.  Currently, John holds a position on the TRAA Legislative Committee and as a presidential advisor as well as serving as the GSTA representative and liaison for TRAA.

John was recently inducted into the international towing hall of fame.